6 March 2007

Marketing Projects: Marketing for Success

Marketing is about relationships. So is project success.
Marketing is oriented to an ongoing relationship with clients and customers, where project management has traditionally been focused on a one-off delivery. Success is more likely to come if you have a good relationship with your client, and that’s not just because they will be more forgiving. It’s because there is a dialogue.

The growth in programme management and projects in modern business mean that project teams and project offices are taking a more relationship oriented approach to their clients.

For a start, project teams and project firms are more likely to bundle service and maintenance packages into the contract with the client, meaning that the relationship between parties is extending beyond the project period.

Projects release end products that are used by customers or employees into the future and the impression of a project teams success and/or failure and other impressions of value and quality will come from both the users and the stakeholders that the project deals with directly, and getting those stakeholders and users to buy-in to the project is critically important. It will also change over time as the users and beneficiaries of the product get past the shock or excitement of the change into the new mode of operating.

If a relationship exists beyond the function of build and deliver success is closer.

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