29 March 2007

Earn more than $5000 per week and enjoy your job

I posted this article to Helium. Its for the many people on Monster and IT Toolbox discussion boards who want to break into the business analyst role but don't know how.
Earn more than $5000 per week and enjoy your job.

How do you become a top Business Analyst? How do you break into the Business Analyst role?

The Business Analyst, or BA, is a key role in technology and corporate projects. The BA is the right hand to the project manager. BAs are there to make sure the business problem is understood and that the right solution is implemented. The key skills are conceptual thinking and communication.

As you can see it’s an important and strategic role, and that is why you get paid so much to do the job.

Of course most BAs don’t get paid $5k per week. In Australia the job usually pays between $60-90 thousand, but good, experienced BAs earn much more. More than $2000 per week is common.

There are usually two paths to becoming a BA.

The first and more traditional is from developer to lead developer then to solution designer and then BA. The pathway is focused on working on requirements at the detailed level and moving up to the higher conceptual levels of design to specification and eventually working with people to understand requirements.

The second and more modern way is to come from an operations area. Usually you have a degree in business, IT or engineering and have landed yourself in a frontline role. Your conceptual thinking skills have made you the local problem solver and process expert. You eventually become a subject matter expert of a project. One project turns into several and then you are seconde into a role as a BA.

A third path is to come from the high pressure world or management consulting across to a corporation to work as a project manager/BA. A BA is like a management consultant without the hubris and living in the tactical world of project delivery. Consultants that become BAs often find they love the role because they are more respected, better paid and they have the kills to do the job very well.

Once you get the gig don’t rest on your laurels. You are a junior consultant. You must learn more. Read blogs and books. Network with senior BA and join your local project management or business analyst association.

If you want to reach the $5k per week rate work hard and make sure the people you work with respect what you do and how you do it.

Good luck.


  1. I have also seen a lot of Quality Analyst move over to Business Analysis. One of the reasons is that they understand the domain in much more depth than the developers that it is easier for them to transition.

    One of the keys to being a good BA is to keep the details and technicalities of the solution out of it. It is quite difficult for a developer to resist being technical and getting into the details fairly quickly thinking in terms of a solution.

  2. THanks for the comment. I agree completely. In fact more quality analysts should join the team.