13 February 2007

Project Risk Management 101

Project Risk Management 101 articles in order.
  1. Introduction to Project Risk Management
  2. Raising Project Risks
  3. Risk Management Systems
  4. Describing (defining) Project Risks
  5. Positive Risks
  6. Assessing Project Risks
  7. Assessing Risk Likelihood
  8. Assessing Risk Impacts
  9. Prioritizing Project Risks
  10. Managing Project Risks
  11. Monitoring Project Risks
  12. Closing Project Risks
  13. Risk Management 101 Roundup
  14. The one minute risk assessment

The last article isn't part of the 101 series but has some comments on weighting risks based on the indstry you are working on, so I thought it was relevant and equally relevant.

I hope you find this information useful. If so please pass the word about this site and maybe even leave a comment.


  1. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Hi craig...found your articles extremely helpful....im a mgmt student wanting to get into PM/BA

  2. Thanks for the helpful blog.

  3. Hi Craig,

    Thank you to sharing your gr8 thought and gr8 Knowledge with this blog. It is really help full for us.

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  4. Thanks Javed. Glad to be useful.

  5. Project Risk Management Software is sub part of project management software. Detailed risk management is critical to organizations and projects because if risks are left unidentified or are not attended to at the right time, they can result into ultimate failure of projects.

    Risks are incidences which, if they occur, they can impact project execution and therefore the success of entire project. It can be said that risks are threats to project. Effectively all items which get categorized as threats can be listed in risks.