2 November 2005

Who is Juran?

"It is most important that top management be quality-minded. In the absence of sincere manifestation of interest at the top, little will happen below." - Joseph M. Juran

Juran's visit[s to Japan] marked a transition in Japan's quality control activities from dealing primarily with technology based in factories to an overall concern for the entire management. The Juran visit created an atmosphere in which QC was to be regarded as a tool of management, thus creating an opening for the establishment of total quality control as we know it today. The process of developing ideas has been a gradual one for Juran. Top management involvement, the Pareto principle, the need for widespread training in quality, the definition of quality as fitness for use, the project-by-project approach to quality improvement—these are the ideas for which Juran is best known, and all emerged gradually. In Juran's philosophic approach there is an implicit recognition of the need to communicate.

Juran expropriated the Pareto principle and applied it to business, and in particular to quality systems.

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