2 November 2005

About IMAP

Breaking down information into digestible parts is often a challenge. I discoverred this short page on IMAP - Information Mapping. It has a neat rollover gif demonstrating the benefits of chunking infomation into components.

The overall process of Information Mapping consists of three major steps: analysis, organization, and presentation.

  • The Analyse step looks at what type of information is to be presented, what are the audience's needs and what are your goals in presenting the information?
  • The Organize step looks at procedures or steps in the process, the hows, whey and whats etc of the process, how the process is structured, discussions of the concepts around the process, business rules, classifications and physical characteristics of items in the process.
  • Presentation includes chunking—Is all the information broken down into non-divisible chunks? Labelling—are all chunks of information assigned an appropriate label? Relevance—is everything within a chunk of information essential to the audience's needs? Hierarchy—are hierarchical labels consistently applied to tell readers where the have been and where they are going?

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