9 September 2005

Project Planning

As I (think I) have mentioned below I am working on an assignment responding to a tender. The assignment's idea is that the planning process in the tender response makes our project team walk through the project management planning activities of:
  • Developing a WBS, with dependencies, activity descriptions, etc
  • Estimating the time and effort required through scheduling
  • Estimating the cost, and determining a price to go to the tender with.

As part of the excesses have put the below process together as a framework to manage the assignment to. It was made in response to the idea that we should start with pricing ourselves according to the market, rather than taking time to understanding our costs first.

In my mind this is the logical sequence in the planning phase. Of course there is a lot more detail and even other activities that can be considered, but given the assignment scope this is a good breakdown of what we need to do.

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