26 September 2005

More comments on the SDLC

There are several popular software development methods, the most popular being the waterfall model. Agile and Rapid methodologies are the two main contenders at the moment to usurp waterfall development.

Whatever model is used the same stages are passed through in the same order – plan, design, develop, test and implement (or implement and test in some instances.)

Having a process that controls the development model is a good way to reduce risk and improve quality. Essentially the software development lifecycle is using a development process, and using a process is a quality management and quality planning exercise.

Project management adds overhead to projects that reduce risk. The SDLC does the same thing. In some instances the process followed may be too high overhead for the risk profile of the project.

This weakness presents an opportunity; part of the project planning activities should be around choosing the appropriate development process (or hybrids of models.)

New SDLC models are proposed regularly and being an early adopter can present risks to untried processes. Hence the waterfall method is still the preferred model. Scaling and varying processes should be undertaken to ensure that the appropriate risk/overhead balance is achieved.

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