7 September 2005

Development methods and Estimating

And yet more on Resource Allocation and Management.

As mentioned below many estimates are made from asking experts and specialists or past experience. In class we had a discussion on the impact of using historical experiences for estimating effort on IT waterfall projects, which are heavy on planning and estimating. The issue was raised that if our programmer estimates 5 days to complete a piece of work to specifications and he completes in 2 days the extra three days are not given back to the project, but used to improve the quality of the work, often beyond the requirements.

Rapid Application Development was discussed as a concept that can alleviate this issue to a degree. Several iterations of the solution are developed until the appropriate time, cost and quality balance is achieved. I think Agile methods are probably a better model for addressing this soaking up of excess time, as the developer and businessperson are more closely aligned in their view of what needs to be done.

There is probably an opportunity for someone to do some research in this space. Or if some has been done for someone to tell em about it :)

I'm still loving wikipedia

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